Tuesday, July 10, 2018

What planning tools are most popular?

I recently ran a poll to identify if digital or analog planners are more popular. The winner of the poll is the digital planner.

Over the years, I have moved from using an analog planner for everything, to a hybrid solution with my daily appointments in an analog planner and longer-term planning in a digital planner, to a fully digital approach. By now, I use Google calendar for my weekly template, and fill in every day what I will be working on during which time block and add all appointments. In addition to that, I use ToDoist to set reminders for myself to follow up with emails that I sent out, to identify the tasks that I want to tick off my list on a daily basis, and to sync tasks with my pomodoro app.

You can find the poll and its wake below:

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  1. I am using mostly Todoist. Sometimes I changed it with Trello and personal kanban system.

    Personal Kanban system


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