Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How many conferences do academics attend per year?

I recently ran a poll about the number of conferences academics attend, and the results are in: the vast majority travel to 1 - 4 conferences per year.

I tend to attend a bit more than 4 conferences per year, because there are a number of conferences that I don't like skipping - but my conference travel schedule tends to be packed and exhausting. And as a new mom, it's time to reconsider and evaluate where my priorities lie.

Over the past years, I've attended these conferences:
  • ACI Conventions: twice per year, always in North America - and I don't like to skip these because I serve on committees that meet at these conventions.
  • TRB Annual meeting: every January, in DC - which I don't like to skip because of the committee meetings
  • IABSE - holds symposium once per year and a conference once per year. I attend every now and then.
  • IABMAS - holds a conference every other year, which I try to attend every time.
  • IALCCE - holds a conference every other year, which I try to attend.
  • fib - holds a symposium every year, which I try to attend.
  • ESREL - Safety and reliability are not my main research topics, so I've been sending in papers only a few times.
  • ICCRRR - these conferences are only every 3 years.
  • Euro-C - only once every 4 years, and usually my co-author/colleague goes there
  • ASCE Structures Congress - once a year in the USA, but I've only gone once
  • Stuctural Faults and Repair - every other year. I've gone once; the other years their dates coincided with IABMAS.

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