Thursday, January 14, 2016

The road to breaking bridges and stereotypes

I was recently asked to give a presentation about myself and my scientific successes at WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) at Universidad San Francisco de Quito.
Talking about myself is not really my strength - I ended up spending way more time on putting this presentation together than what I spend on a typical research presentation. Toothing my own horn is just not my thing. So I decided to tell my story as an academic nomad, and to infuse it with bits and pieces of my adventures in music, and to report on the gender imbalances at the different universities where I studied.

The final result, a presentation titled "The road to breaking bridges and stereotypes", is here:


  1. Hi - your slide 24 doesn't show up clearly. Is there any chance you could adjust it, or mention here what the text hidden behind the figure is?

    1. Yes, actually you can find that information right here:


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