Thursday, October 8, 2015

Interview about binaural beats

Oddly enough, one of the posts on this blog that keeps attracting a lot of visitors is my post on the use of binaural beats for studying and writing.

Based on this post, I was recently interviewed by Cynthia Liza Gregoire from London. She compiled this interview and other interviews in a podcast, and wrote a blog post about it.

As I explained in the interview, I haven't been using binaural beats that much anymore. I used them when I needed to go through long session of writing when finishing my dissertation, but by now I've mostly switched to listening to music. Either I listen to one of my favorite CDs (as long as it does not have distracting lyrics), or to one of the CDs that I am currently reviewing for Darkview.


  1. i used Binaural Beats in the exam period, i can tell that my focus was better ( somehow ) now i'm experimenting more things using binaural beats .
    here's another article talking about it

  2. Amazing post.Thank you very much for this important post.


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