Sunday, April 27, 2014

Is university expensive?

As I love infographics (even though I know they're often not the result of thorough research and their data typically does not hold together - but hey, they are pretty), I'm always on the hunt for interesting infographics about higher education. Recently, I came across the following infographic about the cost of graduate school.

Now, this infographic is pretty as always, but it's seriously missing the ball here, for the following reasons:

1. Scholarships: I know there are people that are providing their own funding for their studies, but there are so many scholarship options out there. If you are motivated and working hard, I think you can always find an option to get the education without it costing you a limb.

2. Other countries: Not all countries in the world charge these ridiculous fees that are so common in the USA. You can get an excellent education in Europe for much less. For comparison: a year (not semester!) of tuition and fees in Belgium costs about 500 euro. And it really is high quality education (not me being suddenly patriotic).

Expensive School Myths

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