Thursday, March 27, 2014

Graduate School per field

I recently came across the inforgraphic shown below.

Now, this infographic is a pretty visual, and it cites some sources for their data. But before you take this infographic to be the holy grail, use some of your own critical thinking.

First of all, there are a number of flaws in this infographic:
- It mixes doctoral and professional degrees. Two very different types of degrees with different goals - not to be mixed.
- The data only seem to apply to the USA. There's a whole world outside of the US as well.
- I think the numbers for occupations teach you more about the distribution of jobs rather than the effect of studying for a degree.
- Salaries vary largely - giving an average value is not telling you much at all.
- The "worst doctoral and professional outlooks" section only looks at graduates from law school. They should change that heading.

In the end, remember that it just depends on yourself and your interest whether you should go to graduate school or not. If you can do it, if you are interested in it, and if you are not going to go bankrupt over it - then why wait?

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