Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stop, Breathe and Think app

I recently was notified about a relatively new app for meditation and mindfulness, called "Stop, Breathe & Think".

The app is a perfect tool for both beginners and people with a steady meditation practice. The meditations are short, and the app has the lovely feature of selecting the right meditation for you depending on your mood, which you can select from a menu of options.

The visuals of the app are lovely, as you can see from the sketch above, which is used on the website of Stop, Breathe and Think to explain the benefit of meditation.

With the light visual, and the open approach of the app, Stop, Breathe and Think is a lovely little tool for people of all ages. It comes with the neat feature of earning "stickers" for each time you meditate, which is an excellent way of building up the habit.

As I'm currently struggling with my schedule, and lost my good habits of exercising and meditating, I am planning to start small again, with meditations that are short enough to help me grow the habit once more.

The meditations on this app are all just a few minutes long - enough to help me build up the meditation habit again.

In short: this cute little app is a great tool for meditating - cordially recommended!

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