Thursday, June 13, 2013

Defending tomorrow!

Defending in Delft's spaceship tomorrow!
Tomorrow, on June 14th of 2013, at 12:30 I will defend my PhD thesis and propositions in the Aula of Delft University of Technology.

This is what my day will look like:
11:45 arrival to the Senaatszaal
12:00 presentation for friends and family, without the committee
12:30 Committee enters, and the defense/interrogation starts
13:30 end of the defense, the committee leaves
13:45 graduation ceremony (if all goes well)
14:00 reception at Aula
18:00 dinner with friends and family to celebrate

I'm almost finished!


  1. all the best. you made it!

  2. Wonderful!! I wish all the best! Here in Portugal the presentation is for the public and the committee (30 minutes) and then there's 2 hours of discussion...

  3. so how's your PhD defense?

  4. Thanks all! I'm completely done, the diploma is signed and all that :) I'm currently boxing up my stuff, and surely will blog the experience soon :)


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