Thursday, May 23, 2013

Teach yourself Speed reading

Recently, I discovered Spreeder, an online tool to help you practice speed reading.

Speed reading can be a great skill to master when you need to skim through a large stack of papers, so start training yourself today!

Two of the most important parts of speed reading are:

1. Eliminating subvocalization

If you have the habit of "reading out loud in your mind", then you are most likely slowing your reading down significantly.
Next time, try reading while chewing gum, or while making some grunting noises (don't do this in the office, your fellow students will think you've gone mad).

2. Clustering words

Instead of reading word by word, try visually bunching up a couple of words together and read these chunks at a time. Start this technique by at least clustering the short, small words with the keywords of the sentence that you are reading.

If you want to practice reading faster, there's a handy tool out there to help you!
Have you tried speed reading to tackle your literature pile?


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