Sunday, December 16, 2012

Affiliate Links and Sponsorship Opportunities

Some time ago, I stated clearly why I am blogging and that I don't intend to make any money from this. However, you might have noticed the Amazon recommendations in the side bar that have shown up recently, and the transitions of the Book Reviews with a random googled image to an image with an Amazon link.

As you might have understood, I started to use affiliate links to Amazon products. More precisely, if you purchase a book based on my recommendation, I receive a 4% commission on it, that I can use as Amazon store credit to buy me more books.

I'm still reviewing books independently, I  won't gush over something that I don't like just to talk people into buying it - but if you find the reviews helpful, you are welcome to support the website in this way.

Also, in order to cover the costs of a few features that I would like to build into the site, I'm willing to accept sponsorships from institutions that share my ideas on education and research.

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