Sunday, October 7, 2012

TEDxDelft LiveBloggers

At TEDxDelft, I had the opportunity to be liveblogging in the company of some inspiring writers. The atmosphere in the webcare room was of utter concentration and team spirit at the same time. We all worked hard and arrived to the venue in the very early morning to get started, and I think we can be really proud of all the articles on the TEDxDelft website. Since I can't make floral art like Pim van den Akker, I'll just say that I felt honored to be writing in the company of these wonderful people - and I think you should go and check out their blogs!

2 Flow with Eve: (in Dutch) on working towards a new world of work at Delft University
The Self Help Hipster:  PhD Student in distress, go and read how to improve your condition
Merel graduates: giving you a glimpse of the final year of Merel's studies
la susea: inspiration on design, art, travel, photography and living in Holland
Clineschrijft: (in Dutch) #blogbriljant: bouw een briljante reputatie met je blog
Mandy: (English/ Dutch) on all that catches her attention as a designer (in Dutch) social media and online marketing
Eye on Orbit: on space exploration
Zielsgenot en Pijn: the world of Carolien, recovering from a burn-out
De TekstGroep: Website of journalist and writer Hans Dalmeijer

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