Saturday, April 28, 2012


After my recent nights of insomnia, I discovered Pzizz. If you go to "Try Pzizz free" on the website and leave your email address, you can receive two free tracks in your mailbox: one for a 20-minute nap, and one of 60 minutes which guides you into sleep.

I've been using the 60 minute track for an entire month now, and it is simply brilliant. I have never heard the entire 60 minute track yet, as I always fall asleep at some point while listening to it. I listen to it on my phone, and since it doesn't require a headset, I an just keep my phone (in airplane mode) near my pillow and listen while drifting off into sleep.

There is also a Pzizz app, with full functionality, creating a new sleep track for every night to improve the benefits of the method. However, the app hasn't been updated since 2010 and is reported to crash and not work properly. If the app gets updated and can run in the background, I'd get it within a heartbeat.
But until then, I keep enjoying the free tracks I got and sleep like a baby.


  1. Seems interesting but pzizz website is under contraction now!
    would you please share the app or the the mp3!?

    1. If you want, I can send you the mp3s. You can drop me a line at eva dot lantsoght at gmail dot com

  2. Hello.
    Did it take you 60 min or more to fall asleep before you started using the pzizz track?

  3. Less - I never heard the entire recording.


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