Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ASCE Structures Congress 2011 - paper and presentation

Last month, I presented a paper at the ASCE Structures Congress 2011.

The full paper is published in the conference proceedings, as well as online in the ASCE library.
The abstract of the paper is:

When assessing the capacity of existing reinforced concrete slab bridges under the increased traffic loads prescribed in the current codes, shear may become the critical failure mode. To better evaluate the shear capacity of reinforced concrete slab bridges, a series of experiments is carried out on continuous one‐way slabs loaded close to the support. Eight continuous slabs of 5m × 2,5m × 0,3m are tested. The loading position is taken at different a/d ratios. Six slabs with a standard concrete mixture and two slabs with a higher strength concrete are tested. The influence of the loading history, the shear span to depth ratio and the concrete compressive strength is discussed. Conclusions on the influence of these parameters on the one‐way shear capacity of reinforced concrete slabs are drawn.

You can also find the slides I used for my presentation here:

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